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Transfer love

June 5th, 2008

Thanks for all the lovely Etsy comments guys – you are great (even though my head is swelling somewhat!)- so far I’ve not had many takers, but I have scoped out a shop in Nottingham that’s willing to sell my stuff. I’ve been running round like a headless chicken the last week or so – had a handover with the colleague I will be covering for in the new role and that showed me just how much work I need to get done… Oh, and I broke my sewing machine. Trying to sew a denim skirt which was fine til I get to the seams, and have knocked the timing out. Since I have been spending most of my money at work (on work I may add – trains to London early in the morning aren’t cheap, neither is a seedy hotel in Kings Cross…) I really don’t want to pay to have it fixed. I emailed a guy who left some advice about fixing the timing on your machine on different sewing forums, and bless him he sent me a list of instuctions so I canhopefully fix it myself. He even sent me some instructions on how to fix the feed dog drop on my mam’s old machine- what a star! Being without a sewing machine has made me feel like I am trying to do things with one hand tied behind my back, or something like that. Anyway, if I get it fixed, I will let you know and put instructions on so other people can do it too.

One thing I have spent money on (albeit not very much) is a bundle of vintage transfers from eBay – there haven’t been many come up til now that I have wanted to bid on, til these. The seller didn’t put a great picture up, and they didn’t mention all the transfers that were in it or I reckon I would’ve had a struggle to have got it – there are loads! There’s even some more of the “Bluebirds and Blossom” one I posted about earlier. I have been through them and am trying to go through and scan them in for all to share – here’s one I thought was especially sweet; if you want the rest – go have a look on the Flickr site xoxo

Pretty spring flowers and birdies

April 24th, 2008

Ok, it seems that the only really messy crafter out there is me, or is it just that I am the only one holding my hands up and admitting it? Hmmm, I have enjoyed being tidy, but I am almost scared to mess it up again, and the rest of the house certainly looks like no show home to me! Nothing can when you have 2 cats moulting fur EVERYWHERE! I don’t know how they do it – surely the amount that comes off them, and I also brush them most days, and get huge handfuls of fur from that, by rights they should be looking a tad threadbare by now, but no, they luxuriate in their furriness. I sometimes think that they both deliberately come in when I have hoovered, and they will their fur to shed. I shouldn’t have to hoover wooden floors, but it’s the most allergen reducing thing I can do to get rid of the amount of fur they rid themselves of every minute of the day. Tried sweeping, but it just seems to move things round. I almost wish my eyesight wasn’t as good as it is, cos I’d be less bothered by it then. Anyone who fancies making felt out of pet fur, give me a shout – I’d be able to set up up no problem.
Anyway, my beloved furry rascals are both bouncing around, (shedding all the while) and getting quite excited about spring (sap rising as my Dad used to say), and in particular Betty the other day sitting in a Conifer tree about 12 feet off the ground trying to stalk some pigeons (she didn’t get one, bu they both flew off, minus some feathers – more shedding!) and looking at all the pretty blossom trees I see on my way in to work, got me thinking about some of the other, spring like embroidery patterns I have. So I thought I would post these. Haven’t posted a pattern in a while, so I hope that you enjoy them – they are from a 1932 edition of Woman, and cost me the princely sum of 10p. Best bargain ever eh? Sorry for the wonky scans. I am missing some of the designs from the original sheet though, and at some point I will re- draw them and share them with you then. If you make anything from them please let me know as I’d love to see it. I always fancied putting them around the hem of a swirly summer skirt, and if I ever get the time I may just do that. Enjoy! x

Swaps and patterns

March 19th, 2008

I, for some reason known only probably in the deepest recesses of my mind, thought that I would join in with 2 swaps that fellow bloggers have started. As if I don’t have enough to do – planning and making things for my wedding, making stuff to sell to help pay for said wedding, work full time, try and have a life and do more than just grunt at people as they go past me leading a life (I think it’s called that – I wouldn’t know…). But the swaps sounded so cool I couldn’t resist. I also keep telling myself that it won’t take too long…

The first is a Vintage inspired swap organised by Meridian Ariel- to create something from materials cost no more than £5 (my kind of price ..) that is inspired by vintage, Hollywood, glamour, that sort of thing. I have a few ideas, and since the lovely partner I have has a blog, it’s easy for me to go having a look at what she’s into and confirm ideas in my head of what I can make for her. Big brother is alive and well, and on Blogger today….

The second is a lunchbox swap moderated by Elizabeth from oh, fransson! I used to get laughed at all the time (still do) cos I always have fruit in my bag, and I more often than not, take my lunch to work, so a lunchbag is great for me. The idea is to make something for your partner in the colours they would like. My partner likes rust and green, or blue and green together, which is fine as I have lots of vintage fabrics in those colours, so if they don’t look truly awful together I think I will try and use all of them in some way. This is a bit easier as the subject is given, but have a look at some of the lovely ones Elizabeth has made. I think they are so pretty.
Anyway, I have more than enough to be getting on with – I want to use Easter to finish off some bits and bobs and list them on Etsy, so I will keep you posted about their progress anyway. In the meantime here are a couple of patterns for you to enjoy. Speaking of patterns, I am in love with my new Sulky transfer pens. I will never go back to using a pencil again – they are great! They can be hard to get hold of in the UK unless you have a quilting shop nearby. And they are expensive, Studio Husqvarna in Nottingham sells them for £5 each….It’s just like using a pelt tip pen though, and the impressions you get form them are so much better than with a pencil. It’s worth for the people in the UK giving the distributors in the UK a call – but I warn you, unless you are trade, they can be really rude to you!

Have fun x

Oh deer me

March 3rd, 2008

Sorry for the really bad joke there – it’s kind of all I can manage at the minute!

Thank you so much for the comments for my last post – I really didn’t want to depress people, and it kind of all came out a bit once I had started – really cathartic. But seriously, thanks. It’s thoughtful comments like that (as well as new people I have never “met” before commenting) that was supportive and made me realise I am not mad to be thinking and feeling the way I am. Bless you! x

Anyway, I thought I would lighten the tone somewhat with another pattern
- this hasn’t scanned so well, but I have dated it back to a job lot I got ages ago from the late 40′s. I think it’s so sweet, and would look great on something for a little one- maybe a bib, or top. If you do make anything from it please let me know as I would love to see it. Unless, of course, you are like me with a crafting “to do” list as long as your tired aching arms and it’ll be something you get round to “at some point”. Either way, thanks for the support, and enjoy xoxo


February 22nd, 2008

I thought it was about time that I posted another embroidery pattern – I have chosen a budgie, or for it’s correct name, Budgerigar. I think it must be quite an English thing keeping Budgies – I have a real soft spot for them as my first pet was a Budgie called Billie (I know, not the most thoughtful name for her, but in my defence I was 4 ….). Billie had to be changed from the “y” ending to “ie” as he turned out to be a she. I had her til I was about 10 and she was great – they are very interactive pets, and we didn’t keep her caged up all the time. My parents brought me up to believe that where possible animals should be allowed to be themselves, so birds having the opportunity to fly etc. We opened her cage door first thing in the morning and it was closed as we went to bed for the night, apart from that she had free reign throughout the house. She only went outside twice, and we panicked then but managed to bring her in. Billie was obsessed with my brother, and she would listen for the sound of his bike (pedal, then later motor) outside, and would start squawking and bobbing her head up and down, and wouldn’t stop until he came in and gave her attention.
Having a budgie flying free in your house wasn’t always the bet plan – I remember budgie poo all over one of my music books when I was learning the piano, and occasionally she came to join us on the dinner table. It probably why I am pretty relaxed round most animals now though, and as soft as I am on the cats. I justify it that I chose to have animals in my life and I get enormous pleasure from them, so I need to make sure I make them as comfortable as is reasonable in their lives with us. You can see from Stella’s face here though, that she is obviously mistreated and fed up with life itself. She seems to be having a bit of a love affair with David at the minute – she curls up on his knee, does tricks for him, and even takes one of her toys with her to lay on his side of the bed… Sorry to break it to you dear though, she does fall in and out of love with many people – she’s a not a long term commitment kind of cat – anyone prepared/ able to give her loving is promptly demanded to produce the goods, and as long as you give her good fussing, she’s happy with you for however long it takes for someone else to move on to. Boo, on the other hand is very she, but once she trusts you, you have a friend for life.
Anyway, enough gibbering, here’s the pattern – if you decide to stitch anything with this please let me know as I’d love to see it x

Spring has sprung

February 9th, 2008

My dad used to have a daft poem about Spring:

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz (risen)
I wonder where the birdies is
Some say the bird is on the wing
But that’s absurd, from what I’ve heard
The wing is on the bird

That entertained me no end when I was little. I keep getting pots of bulbs and plants to fill the house with – yesterday was 2 peace lilies and a trailing ivy, the other day was 2 minature roses I planeted in old tea cups and some tulips. So to celebrate all things waking up and looking pretty, I thought I would share another, spring themed embroidery pattern with you, from Weldons.

I remember using designs like this when I first started embroidering in the corners of hankies as they’re so simple to do. Hope that you enjoy x

Free embroidery patterns for you

February 3rd, 2008

When I originally started blogging, I wanted to share some of the embroidery patterns I had built up with you all. I have used many of the fantastic patterns that have been posted on sites such as, and the many blogs I read regularly, and have really appreciated them. The patterns that were released in the UK aren’t often as kitsch as the ones in the US. They tend to be a bit more restrained, a bit more serious, more, well, English really! That doesn’t mean though that they aren’t lovely.

I clearly remember the Christmas after I started embroidering (I posted about my first attempts here ) I received a lovely little work basket from my sister and then going with my parents to a tiny needlework shop in one of the Victorian arcades in Hull, run my 2 lovely ladies. The downstairs was a wool shop, and upstairs they sold embroidery patterns and needlepoint kits. All the silks were in drawers in a glass fronted cabinet and I remember feeling like I was in a giant sweet shop with all the pretty colours and textures laid out before me. So exciting! Maybe there was no hope for me then – I would not grow up into a cool kid, I would be the geek sitting in the school choir making macrame friendship bracelets when Miss Logan the choir mistress wasn’t looking…
Anyway, I am new to this and just getting my head around playing with the images, so I will try and post a new image each week.
As it’s almost Valentines’ day, I will post this lovely rose - even if you don’t get flowers (and I personally would rather have a surprise on any other day of the year , just because, and not because it’s expected for …) that will be around for a lot longer than cut flowers. Enjoy x