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Dresser make over

April 14th, 2009

Back again after a break that ended up being far longer than I imagined. No real reason, just a general “meh” feeling I haven’t been able to shake off, combined with IT issues (something to do with blog surfing and then getting the blue screen of death…. RAM burning itself out…. do I sound like I know what I am going on about? If I do, I don’t…..)
Anyway, just cos I haven’t been active online (barely been able to check my emails each week let alone daily, so I really had disappeared off the radar) it doesn’t mean that I have been idle. Think I need to have a bit of a show and tell really.
I also recently started teaching 3 craft classes – 20 week hand embroidery course, a 15 week hand and machine embroidery course and a 20 week mixed crafts course, so I am happily settling into them. Have dates for 5 weekend courses through the summer school, and 3 evening classes starting in September. Craft fairs may have to take a back seat this year, although I have booked to do 5 in West Bridgford, which were consistently good/ at the least OK last year and I have new ideas for the stall. It’s also the time of year again when I am being made redundant – this time it’s the end of May, so job hunting time again. I love working in the Voluntary sector but the funding situation is starting to be a bit boring now – after 12 years of working I have never had longer than a 2 year contract. That’s getting a bit much as this is the 6th time I have been invited to “you’re being made redundant and we have no guarantees as to whether we’ll get more money in to continue with the project/ course/ service….” discussions. Moan over. I’ll find something else, I always do.

My plan is to be on my own domain soon, with the blog and shop all accessible and pretty. That’d mean me getting my act together, but watch this space!

Anyway, the first of the “show and tell”s for you – this dresser is solid pine, but had gone a really manky orange colour, but I can’t complain as it was free from a friend who was relocating from Nottingham to Sheffield, and simply didn‘t have the room in his small and incredibly minimalist flat…. David had suggested that I paint it dark brown, as we have a lot of dark wood furniture. Poor lad was given an “are you taking crazy pills” kind of look. I wanted cream and robins egg blue. So that’s what I got. Couple of coats of satin later and I am really happy with the result, especially as I think the colour helps show off the little nick nacks I have displayed.

I always wanted a dresser with loads of chickens on it, so although this is a small dresser at least I have 2 of my hens (anyone remember Bread?) and my 50′s cock- tail tray for starters.

Not to burn myself out too soon I will go, and now we have some decent light take some more pics of the other things I have been beavering away at recently behind the scenes, and be back soon xoxo

Review of the year

December 31st, 2008

Thought I had better post before the year is out – couldn’t believe the time lapsed since my last post….. Have wanted to blog but, well, life got in the way (for life read work, Pinky and Boo, work, cleaning, Pinky and Boo, sleeping and trying to be a domestic goddess – and the members of Stitched Up I tried feeding a rather well cooked Victoria Sponge to are testament that I need to spend a bit more time practicing that on….)
I have been here soooo many times – even David’s family have commented that I need to update the blog more often (Hi, I mean to!) and I can’t face another “sorry, been busy, must try harder” thing.
So, after doing a lot of thought about work, Pinky and Boo, blogging and generally where I want to to be this time next year, I am going to try and post once a week at least, more of I can. I think it will slow me down a little bit, make me remember the small stuff. If any of you have Alicia Paulson’s “Stitched in Time” book she puts it perfectly there…
So what has filled this year? Weddings have played a very large part in 2007 – first of all there was David’s uncle William’s wedding, then Vicky and Jez in April, then us, and the other week David’s youngest brother tied the knot. Looking back at our wedding there are so many things I would have changed if I could – I would have listened to some people a bit more, ignored and told where to get off others although I wouldn’t for a second have changed anything about marrying David.
Craft fairs – good grief they have taken it out of me – 10 in total and I have lost more sleep over them than I realised when I signed up for them than I would. But I have met some lovely people, built up a small client base, learned lots of (painful) lessons and strengthened friendships as a result of them.
Work. Changing jobs was a real eye opener for me, as is working part time. I haven’t worked part time for 10 years, and certainly not at the level I am at now. It’s easier working full time! I am only in post until June 09 at the latest, so we shall see where I will be after that when I have some head space…..

What’s in store for 2009? My plans so far consist of spending more time doing things for me, with the people I care about rather than running round like a headless chicken.
Pinky and Boo – need to decide where it’s future lays, and moving it in that direction.
Work – well I will have to do some but the most exciting thing is I had an interview before Christmas and have been accepted to teach for a local FE college via the Textile Workshop, starting in January. But that doesn’t feel like work to me….
Blogging more….. less said and all that
Remembering to tell those who mean something to me that I love them and appreciate them in my life. And for the ones who are negative, critical or generally wastes of space, spend less time worrying about them or listening to them. Or simply tell them where to get off.
The other exciting thing that’s coming up is Project Glamour- it’s something Hannah and I were chatting about the other evening, but I shall blog about that in the new year.
Til then, I wish you all the very best for the coming year – may you all have health, wealth and happiness for you and yours xoxo

Just popping in to tell you…

May 24th, 2008

That I got the job! Hurrah! I found out yesterday when I was travelling back on the train, although the signal kept going and I will need to discuss it further with my new boss next week. Maybe now, once David has finished using the camera I can update my little shop and get all the Pinky and Boo stuff back on track. Thanks for all the good wishes – you guys are great xxx

Swap pics

May 8th, 2008

Sorry for the bloggy break guys – wasn’t intentional at all and some of you may have noticed I was lurking around commenting. I have had a sinus infection for a week, thankfully starting to clear up now (just to move into a bout of hay fever….) and felt so lousy all I could do was repetitive tasks I didn’t need to think about and respond, which is why commenting was great – I didn’t need to think of something original of my own! I have been spending every waking minute it seems in like forever getting things ready for the craft fairs I am going to – first one is 16th and 17th May in West Bridgford, Nottingham (if anyone is in that neck of the woods, please pop in and say “Hi”) as and when my brain will let me do anything. Which hasn’t been often – I intend to take some nice pics of the bits I have finished this weekend. I never seem to take nice pics really, shameful when I look back at them. I used to have better results with a standard (non digital) camera for some reason. But I will get better – oh yes!
Anyway, I thought I would show you some pictures of the swaps I took part in. The lunch bag I have already blogged about, and this is what I sent Laura, my swap partner. She said that she liked moss green and rust colours together, and a had this lovely vintage pillowcase to use, and bought some (kinda moss-y) green apple printed oilcloth to use as the outer. I also made a matching place mat and included a vintage napkin and some chocolate for her. Hope that she likes it. I made it to fit a box in the bottom, as I frequently take leftovers in, or a salad for lunch. For some reason Blogger changes the format of the picture so it won’t go the right way round… Aaargh!
My second, vintage swap partner was Amy. She’s got a lovely blog - go and have a visit (which reminds me , I really need to update my sidebars…) and was soooo easy to find things to swap with her. Too many things in fact and I had to pare my ideas down into something reasonable! Amy sent me a lovely shoulder bag and matching purse (which if you read this I have had loads of compliments on and am using for work today), tons of vintage fabrics all tied up with lace and trim and packets of buttons tied with trim. As you can see from the pictures I have some serious booty there and have folded them all up (I have, honestly!) so I can mull over what I am going to make with them. I made Amy (this is me, going “off on one” now) an apron with a vintage design of a poodle (Amy decorates cakes, so I thought about baking, tea and cakes, that sort of thing) although this isn’t the most practical apron ever, although I am very pleased with how it turned out. I also made a teacup pincushion for her out of some vintage china (like me, Amy doesn’t drink tea) and some vintage napkins for when she eats cake. I am really pleased with how they turned out, and my first swaps were great. The only downside to the whole experience is wasting hours, or what feels like hours in the post office in town for rude staff to mess you around. To stop me going off on a rant, here’s a picture I took yesterday in Hyde park - I escaped there after my meeting – it was so nice and warm, we have been really lucky with the weather we have had, so I treated myself to a small ice cream and enjoyed the sun for half an hour before fighting my way back on the tube to St Pancras to catch my train back(which for me means being able to sit for a couple of hours and embroider…. Not bad eh?) xx