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Leap of faith

August 3rd, 2007

It’s taken me a while to pluck up the courage to actually write my first post. I have been reading other people’s blogs for ages now, and several people have told me that I really aught to get one. So I finally did. It has however, made me really think about what the hell I would write.
Having a blog, or starting one seems a bit of a scary process. What would I write about, and more to the point, who the hell would want to read it. But, taking a bit of a leap of faith, I am writing my first post, so welcome to my little corner of the world.

Seems sensible place to start to give you a bit of background to what I am doing and why I am doing it. I suppose that the reason I started reading other people’s blogs, and the reason I set mine up is my lifelong interest in crafts – sticking, gluing, stitching – you name it, I have had a go, or planned to have a go at it at some point in my life. I have always dreamed about the time when I was in a financial position to make a living from what I love doing craft wise, but so far that day is a long way off.
I am in the process of trying to set my website up (will be at so I can sell the bits I have slaved over, but having a blog, and possibly posting things to sell on it seems like I am dipping my toe in the world on the web, and whilst I am not a technophobe, I seem to be blundering around and not making any progress towards my goal of setting up the website and making it work, much to the frustration of my other half who loves IT, and bought my domain name probably a year ago now. Installing programmes for me and encouraging me to read Dreamweaver books has not made much a of a difference, as I am no further ahead. But I’ll get there.

No, sound a bit more confident girl, I WILL GET THERE!

So the rest of my first post should really be devoted to writing about what I am interested in, and what the heck I would like to start selling at some point. My tastes have changed over the years, and as I have matured, I suppose what I thought of as a “guilty pleasure” when I was a goth (more about that at another time), for doilies, embroidery and all things cute and kitsch, I now embrace as OK to admit to liking, and quite proud of the collection I have amassed. It’s kinda like coming out really. And it’s lovely out here!

My mother taught me to embroider when I was very young, and I still have some of the bits of Binca I learned to sew on when I was at Infants school (pictures later, when I have got my head round things!), and I still use 2 linen doilies on my dressing table which were my first pieces that were good enough to keep for all these years. I grew up in a family that was creative, and both my parents showed me skills they had, and encouraged me to try new things out, so I was incredibly lucky in that respect. I really have a struggle to get my head around people who don’t have a hobby of some sort. I have too many, and it’s a constant battle to decide which one. When I doing one thing I am planning what I can do with something else. Too many ideas, too little time I fear. Bet that sounds familiar to many people.

So, about a year ago, I decided after having a look at some things in magazines and seeing things on the internet, that I could do that, and set about it. My plans originally started out from making a handbag that was from my paternal grandmother’s curtains. I had and still have a lot of compliments on it, and it boosted my confidence to try making things to sell. It also gives me a chance to use up some of the bits and bobs and the HUGE amount of fabric I have built up.

On a more spiritual level, I suppose I feel more connected to my roots and my heritage by keeping alive the things I was taught as a child, something which is very important to me, and has been especially since my mother died. It makes things make sense, and if you are into crafting, you will probably know what I mean. If you don’t then I can’t think of another way of explaining it really. No doubt I will expand on it at another time.

And then there’s the name: Pinky and Boo. Simple explanation for that one – it’s named after my 2 cats, or at least their nicknames. Sounds strange to say that pets have nicknames, but if you are a pet owner, then again, you will understand…. Stella is white, with ginger and black spodges, but has shell pink ears and nose, and as she often comes home a bit dirty after grubbing around in goodness knows what, she’s called amongst other things “Stinky Pinky” (not the nicest of nicknames I know, but honestly, it suits her…) and Betty, well it’s an obvious connection to Boo. Hence Pinky and Boo. My friend and housemate Rach came up with the names for them both as I’m a bit useless at naming things, and when I was trying to think of a name for the line of things I am making, she came up with Pinky and Boo. It reminds me of something old fashioned, probably in ice cream colours and with frills. A bit twee and kitsch. Like a lot of the stuff I make.

Seems quite appropriate then, to start off this post with a picture of the rascals, in a rare moment of peace and harmony.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by x

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