A tale of stoned kitties, and a peek at Pinky and Boo …

November 20th, 2007

This seems quite strange – more posts so far than I have managed to achieve in weeks… Lets see how long this holds up eh?
As I have decided to have the morning off and go in to work about lunchtime (I am working til 9pm tonight, tomorrow and Thursday training new volunteers, so I am not that slack) I thought since David has been working hard on my website, I had better take some decent pictures of the things I have made that I want to put on it. Now the cats are still not happy with me for making them stay in (ideally for at least another week) they usually spend their time complaining loudly at me (Betty), beating each other up, or sleeping in one of their many spots they have adopted. Stella in particular likes either wedging her backside on the very narrow windowsill, and sleeping there, or curled up on my mothers Lloyd Loom ottoman, which is currently on the landing (ideal for rolling over and randomly jabbing whatever is coming up or down the stairs at the time). Betty find really random places, and tends to prefer somewhere dark, so she can’t be seen. She had wedged herself on the spare bed (I say wedged, as it was covered in stuff taken out of boxes but at the minute doesn’t have a home) and I dumped some wet washing on her before putting it on the clothes airer, cos I simply didn’t see her in there.
Now this morning I wanted to clear a space in the rather grandly titled “sewing room” (in reality a room where all my craft stuff has been put – no sewing going on in there just yet…) to take some pics. In amongst a box of odds and ends I had unpacked I found a bag of Catnip I had bought for them. Not all cats react to Catnip but this pair love it. I seem to recall Stella scaling the heights of a 6 foot empty bookcase to get to the bag on top of it the last time I moved. If you have ever spent any time watching people who are stoned and you have access to cats, I strongly suggest you purchase a bag of catnip and give it a try. You really see the different “stoner” personalities coming out. Betty tends to just go a bit odd, and last night kept stalking nothing, just whatever her own mind conjured up. Stella gets really into it, rolling round, luxuriating in it. Then spent last night sat underneath the cupboard in the kitchen that houses the boiler, watching it fire up, run, and then switch off again… For about 2 hours… It wasn’t until I went in the “sewing room” this morning to find why they had been so odd (or moreso than usual) – the catnip stash had been ripped open, was covering the floor and anything nearby, they had knocked over a box of pins (not happy about that, and neither would they if they had had to go to the vets to retreive a pin from somewhere) and Betty was snuffling around in it trying to get her morning fix. As that room is the only one in the house to have laminate (the rest are stained floorboards) it was quite easy to sweep it up and put it in another bag, and be hidden in my desk. I tell you it’s like sharing a house with a pair of teenages the sulks you get when they aren’t allowed out, and then finding them stoned upstairs…. Goodness knows what kind of parent I would make!
I only managed to take pictures of the pin cushions and needle cases this morning – the light is rubbish, and I think I will try something else later before work, but here’s some of the pictures I have taken so far – what do you think?Betty assumed her post again as artistic director and supervised the pictures, occasionally rearranging things with her tail where she saw fit..
More picture to follow when I take some more x

7 Responses to “A tale of stoned kitties, and a peek at Pinky and Boo …”

  1. Rebekahon 20 Nov 2007 at 6:34 pm

    I love it. My cat figured out how to open the drawer I used to keep her catnip in. I came home one day to a spassed out cat and was like what the heck and then I saw the drawer open and catnip all over the drawer and floor. She was rolling around in it. To funny.

  2. Cathyon 20 Nov 2007 at 7:54 pm

    Have they also been eating heaps of Mars Bars! I only wish I had a cat so I could try it – do you think it works on dogs as well?! Your pincushions and needlecases look gorgeous. I love the look of your sewing machine too.
    Cathy X

  3. Katyon 21 Nov 2007 at 6:39 pm

    My cats love cat nip, it sends one of them a bit frisky (and as he has you know whats he can’t do any real damage), but the little one gets a bit aggressive. Can’t wait for the website to be up and running!

  4. Joanna Butcharton 22 Nov 2007 at 9:31 pm

    I love the cup cake. really pretty.

  5. I like to make stuff!on 23 Nov 2007 at 9:41 am

    My cats (Purcey and Polly) love catnip too, since we moved to this farm though they have both moved out and prefer to live in the barn. Drop outs! :)
    Your pincushions are lovely, do they sell well?

  6. Gill at Lucy Locketon 25 Nov 2007 at 12:26 am

    I love your pincushions, now you keep teasing us, when can we buy?!!

    Cats are funny creatures aren’t they, I have 2 (sisters), Alice is spooked by something at the moment so has decided to sleep with us, she lays across the top of my husband’s pillow purring all night, I don’t know how he stands it! And they find new places to rest in all the time, Molly pulls the door open on one of my kitchen cupboards, climbs through (across all the tins and packages)and slips through the hole at the back which was cut out around the electric meter, she lays there in a cold dark space behind the cupboard…weird huh?

  7. Florenceon 20 Dec 2007 at 7:51 am

    I love the cupcake & strawberry – they’re gorgeous.


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