Dog racing and more works in progress

August 28th, 2007

This is how I feel today…

Do you know I just can’t seem to get myself motivated to do anything constructive today.

Had a lovely weekend – I normally don’t get out very much as I am usually flat broke (good job I kow where to find things for pennies not pounds really) but this weekend was different.

David’s mum and step dad own 4 Greyhounds, 2 of which have come over to live at a “stable” in Lincolnshire, so they can race in England. Now I know a lot of people have reservations about dog racing as a “sport” – and I am one of the first ones to be up in arms about cruelty, but I know for a fact that these 4 dogs are spolit rotten! The pair over in Ireland have retired from racing and now are very large, pampered pets. The pair over here, Gemma and Joey have now lost weight and look like racing dogs. Joey was having a trial to see what his time was before he starts racing again after an injury.

I didn’t realise (duh!) quite how hard it would be to get a decent picture of a dog running. I quite confidently said I would take some pictures, digital camera etc…. When your subject thunders past you at 40mph then it’s a somewhat different thing, but I am pleased with this one.
Here he is being fussed and petted after the race.

He made Beth, David’s mum feel guilty as he gave her a look that simply said he didn’t think very much of her not taking him home and he still remembered her leaving him in Dublin and he didn’t rate that at all. Not a happy bunny!
Gemma was racing that night, and as it was some of the nicest weather we have had here it was lovely time to sit out, enjoy a beer in the evening sunshine waiting for her race. Getting a picture of her, however was an altogether harder task.

Here she is standing relatively still.
Gemma is a real live-wire. She can detect hankies at 20 paces, and she has them out of your pocket and eaten (clean or used, she doesn’t care) before you have time to blink. I had a cold one of the times we were over to visit and she was a bit younger – still had a puppy head on a fully grown dogs’ body, and she managed to wrestle me to the floor and lick me to bits trying to get to my hanky. She just never seems to stay still, and she certainly didn’t reckon posing for a photograph was a good idea.

We then took Beth and Billy to Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem – one of the oldest Inns in England that was a favourite haunt for people on pilgrimages, hence the name. If you visit Nottingham, it’s worth a visit – half of the pub is built into the sandstone caves the run through and under most of Nottingham.

The next day I spent some time making progress on some project bags for myself. It was seeing Gemma that got me thinking of hankies, and reminded me of them.
I have a load of my mothers’ cotton handkerchiefs sat in my dressing table, some are really pretty prints, others are embroidered and I felt it was a waste not doing things with them. As I have about 10 projects on the go any any one time, project bags, either for transport or keeping things neat and tidy whilst they aren’t being worked on would be a great idea. I am using some vintage fabrics that I have built up, my mother’s hankies applique’d on and on some, a doily stitched on for good measure.This is a pocket, cut and pinned that is made from some of my grandmother’s fabric. I sound like I have tons of stuff like that hidden away, and I don’t. Just a few precious pieces squirreled away for something at sometime. Maybe even never to use, just to sit and admire. The colours haven’t come out very well in this picture, but it’s mid grey with pink roses climbing up, my grandmother’s favourite flower.

I also decided to sort out my knitting needles. I buy vintage ones when I see them and they are in decent condition, and I have a box crammed full of needles from my first set (plastic, small, size 1) as well as some of my mother and nanna’s after my sister and I split them. I wanted to make myself a knitting needle case, like I have planned for the online shop (when I get my ass into gear and get it running) out of some lovely vintage fabric I have, so I will post more pictures when I am further along than this.

I need to get into the habit of keeping my camera on me at all times. My dad had a period where he worked as a photographer – was entirely self taught, and he was never, ever without a camera. He even invested in a tiny Minolta “spy” camera so he would always have one. That’s maybe why I as an adult hate with a passion my photograph being taken (dreading the wedding ones) – all the hours of having photos taken as a child, although it’s a lovely record of my childhood. My dad would have adored the way technology has moved on and I know he would have been fascinated my digital cameras and computers. Like to think I am carrying some of his, and my mothers’ skills on in what I do.

I had better go an try and be constructive for a bit and get on with some proper work…. though I would rather be sat at my sewing machine!
Claire x

6 Responses to “Dog racing and more works in progress”

  1. Pamelaon 28 Aug 2007 at 5:50 pm

    Have you seen those pictures that people used to make out of hankies? I’ve always wondered how it was done, but never found instructions. I think it involved some very artful folding, but am not sure whether the hankies were also cut or sewn.

  2. Gill at Lucy Locketon 29 Aug 2007 at 8:18 pm

    Greyhounds always seem such gentle animals, it sounds as if these are well loved and cared for. I’ve only been greyhound racing once, it was great fun and certainly the dogs seemed to willing participants. Your sewing looks intriguing, hope you open your shop soon!

  3. Dianeon 30 Aug 2007 at 5:03 pm

    Have you read “Nothing to Lose” by Christina Jones? It’s a charming novel about a girl who inherits her grandfather’s bookie business at a greyhound racing track. Very entertaining and I learned a bit about the racing side, too. Greyhounds do love to run!

  4. Denise in Kent, WAon 31 Aug 2007 at 2:26 pm

    My brother has a handsome ex-racing greyhound (bred in Ireland, raced in the USA). From all accounts, the dogs really are pampered during their racing careers. Dutch was accustomed to walking on heated sand (!!) and had to learn to handle the various surface textures in the yard and on walks.

    Those printed hankies sure bring back memories. :)

    P.S. I’m one of Pamela’s many friends, happy that she let me know about your blog. I’ve been lurking for a week or so, only now getting around to leaving a comment.

    Congratulations on your pending wedding! The church pictures are amazing — lucky you, to be getting married in such a place.

  5. Ragged Roseson 06 Sep 2007 at 7:28 pm

    Hello – thanks for visiting my blog! I’m looking forward to seeing what the finished projects look like. You’ve got lots of ideas
    Kim x
    PS If you get to use the flip flops remember to check the soles are clean first!

  6. Faye 'Country Chic'on 07 Sep 2007 at 10:50 am

    Hi there,
    Looks like you had a lovely time. The church your getting married in looks amazing! Cant wait to see all your goodies when you get your website up and running, how are you getting along?
    Bye for now.

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